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The Flaming Onion – ‘Real Gourmet Takeaways’

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The Flaming Onion – Real Gourmet Takeaways!!!!

“We can find various definitions for gourmet food, but, perhaps, the best way to describe gourmet food is to say that it is food which is simple, tasty, smells wonderful, looks great, and is skillfully prepared using the freshest and best ingredients available”

Here at The Flaming Onion we like to provide customers withReal Gourmet Takeaways.

Why do we consider ourselves Gourmet?

We have a Chef with over 10 years experiece, both locally and overseas, cooking your food and running the kitchen.

We use Angus Beef in our Beef Burgers. We get it minced to our specifications. We hand-make every patty we sell. We only add salt and pepper and let the flavour of the meat speak for itself! Don’t be afraid to ask for it medium rare.

We use Corn Fed Chicken in our Chicken burgers. We infuse this in oil with garlic and thyme.

Our Spicy Chicken Burger is Marinated in cayanne pepper, chilli and oil.

In our Vege Burger we hand make our own Falafels and Hummus.

We make our own Sauces from scratch. This starts with making our Mayonaise. From this base we make our own Mustard-Mayo, Aioli and Tartare sauce.

We make our own Tomato Relish and Spicy Jalapeno Relish.

All of the Buns are brushed with Herb-Infused Olive Oil before toasting them.

We use Streaky Bacon.

We use Tasty Cheese.

We use Free Range Eggs.

Every Potato Rosti is Hand-made.

Agria Potatoes are used for our Chips which we Hand-cut. These are then blanched and left to cool. Then they are cooked again to order.

We also use McCains Chips which are the top of the range.

Every bag your food is packaged in is Hand Stamped one by one. We try and use the best Packaging to keep the food as Hot and Non-greasy as possible.

We use a Chargrill rather than a hot plate to cook your burgers. This gives the meat a great taste and is Healthier than using a hotplate.

We use a Beer Batter for our Fish that we make from scratch.

Our Bread comes from an independant supplier and not the supermarket.

We use the Freshest Fish, Meat and Vegetables we can find.

We use Local Suppliers wherever possible.

We season and taste everything!


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